… saving the house from certain doom

steps leading into the attic

(One set of stairs leading up to the attic.)

On reviewing that first journal entry, I realized I’d mentioned little about the day; the closing, and the people we met.

The closing actually seemed festive (unlike the closings for the other two houses John and I purchased over the years) and afterward, Nita, my good friend and sister-in-law (a renowned, anthologized poet, also a minister), was waiting for us, to help bless our new home.

Later, Nita and I talked in the yard, while John continued to explore the house.

For weeks before the closing, John had been researching various contractor options. Although we planned to do much of the reconstruction/restoration work ourselves, we knew we needed help. We just didn’t know how much.

While we were considering making an offer, the seller’s realtor had invited a local architect along to describe various features. We liked him, and his enthusiasm for the structure was infectious. But… we wanted to do as much of the work as we could ourselves.

Someone had recommended a local carpenter named Bob so John made arrangements for him to stop by after the closing. While Nita and I were in the yard, John and Bob walked over and we were introduced. I had no way of knowing this at the time, but Bob would eventually save the house from certain doom. That may sound dramatic but we believe it is true. Bob seemed highly knowledgeable and deeply respectful of historic buildings.

view from the back yard before construction

(View from the back yard before construction.)


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