Getting started (and gasping in the night)…

So, I kept trying to start this story. Finally I realized that everything was recorded through emails, and the journal entries began seeming redundant.

John and lumber

(John holding lumber.)

For the first few weeks after the closing, I would wake up each night, gasping, terrified, thinking, “What have we done?” Then I realized John was doing the same. We felt that we had jumped off a cliff together. The amount of work to do – fixing up the Ipswich house – selling our house in Western Mass – driving back and forth and back and forth… How on earth could we possibly do this? What had we done? We had no choice but to begin.

Soon after the closing we decided to start working in the dining room; to remove the old pile carpet, which had apparently been installed very carefully and thoroughly. Nail after nail after nail tacked to board after board, along with layers of padding. So removing it was a day-long task. Underneath, we discovered nice wood floor boards, but not the original floor. Apparently the original 17th century wide boards had been removed during an upgrade in the Victorian period, but it was good to discover we actually had a Victorian floor.

Victorian floor under carpet

(Victorian floor beneath the carpet.)



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