And so we continued what we started…

October 20, 2014. Bob’s first email, entitled “Progress.”  He writes about the plan to “demo room” (demolish the kitchen), and plans to walk through the space with an electrician and plumber.

John decides to assist in the demolition.

He has gutted spaces before.

Fifteen years ago we bought a house that needed more work than we could have initially imagined; a project so monumental that I had repeatedly said, “Never again.”

demo of western mass house 2000.jpg

And now, 14 years later, in Ipswich, here we were, doing it again.

That weekend, John tore out all the kitchen cabinetry, nearly filling the dumpster Bob had provided. Those cabinets had probably been installed sometime in the 1940’s or 50’s.

some cabinets to be removed

But the cabinets needed to go – they were in rough shape – and they were blocking our vision for the room, which we were hoping to bring back to a space hinting at antiquity.


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