The eighth layer…

Before we get to the subfloor, I should mention the eighth layer; what remained of the original floor. The widest board was 19 1/2 inches across.

When we saw those boards we thought wow, we can use those original 17th century wide floor boards in our kitchen! But Bob disagreed, noting that they would be far too frail and spindly to hold up in the heavy traffic area of a kitchen.


Throughout this restoration/renovation process, we have frequently been confronted with such dilemmas. We could be historically accurate but not functional. Or we could have full modern function without a hint of history.

wide kitchen floor board

Ultimately, we decided not to use the boards for the kitchen floor. But we saved all of them. We’re planning to use some of the wood as wall and ceiling trim for some areas of the house that still require trim. John plans to make some picture frames out of them, and we’ll give the remaining wide, uncut boards to Sophie and Isabelle, to use as art materials.


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