A kitchen is a kitchen is a beach…

Getting back to the kitchen underworld, or to the world under the kitchen; upon discovering the shape of the sill, or the lack thereof, it became clear that some work had to be done.

John started cleaning up the subfloor so that Bob could begin repairing the sill.

Ancient insect beam

(Detail on how far old insects can go when chewing on a beam… Sort of looks like a half-eaten ear of corn.)

On October 25, 2014, John wrote (regarding the area under the broken pipe)…  Some interesting life forms growing there. It could have been its own National Geographic special. I put some baking soda and borax on it…

John worked tirelessly to clean the area, a bit disappointed to be spending all his time working on the house when Crane Beach was so nearby, calling to him… But then he realized, in a Zen epiphany, he was in fact standing ankle deep in the sand that was shifting under his feet, in the subfloor. He was in fact already… at the beach.

(John really at the beach.)


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