Corn in the ceiling…

As John was opening up the ceiling, I was painting in another part of the house.

When I came into the kitchen to see how John was doing, he said, “I found corn,” and held up an ancient, dried-out corncob.

“Corn in the ceiling?”


I began worrying about rats. John continued opening the ceiling.

When I returned a while later, John said, “It wasn’t rats,” as he pointed to a huge pile of old, dried, corncobs, which had been strategically placed throughout the ceiling, and which had obviously been used as insulation material.

We researched it and discovered, yes, old corncobs were at one time used to insulate buildings.

Now, from time to time, I ponder this pile of old corn.

smithsonian corn 1

(Antique corncobs. My daughter Sophie said she can use some of these in her art installations.)


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