The room divided…

What else did the open ceiling reveal?

In addition to “marriage marks” we learned more about the history of the kitchen. For example, we could see a delineation between two rooms within the area that we had thought was the original kitchen.

Fragments of wall board remained tacked to the central room ceiling beams (which were really the joists for the second floor).

kitchen room divider boards

These fragments indicate that the space had been divided into two rooms at one point in time (probably originally).

The ceiling was darkened by soot on the side of the room that would have enclosed the fireplace and hearth.

kitchen ceiling with soot

(The dark boards were in the room with the fireplace.)

The other part of the room, that had at one time been separated by those wall boards, had a much cleaner ceiling.

kitchen ceiling without soot

(Light color boards indicate the other side of the room that was once divided, as there is no soot discoloration.)


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