Looking into windows…

antique window

Being on a shoestring, as we were, we told Bob that we’d make do with the windows already in the kitchen… but we would like to add an antique window to honor the historical quality of our very old house.


But Bob pointed out that the windows in the Ipswich kitchen were not in good condition, so after much discussion, we arrived at a cost-effective solution to window replacement, choosing a style that would be both functional and consistent (or at least not inconsistent) with the time period.

replacement window

(Replacement window for the Ipswich kitchen.)

I also began searching online for an antique salvage window, but Bob found this one first:

second stained glass window

It came from an old house in Ipswich; not sure which one. But it is a great window and a welcome addition to the space.

We have since noticed that on certain days when the light is just right, the stained glass diamond panels reflect half a rainbow across the walls.


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