A plan for everything but the kitchen sink…

The kitchen now had three windows pending: two replacements and a plan for the new antique window.

The kitchen also had plywood planks acting as a temporary floor.

Electric cable wiring was installed on the open ceiling so as not to hide the original historic features, and new wiring was placed along the walls in anticipation of future kitchen appliances.

But we still had no plan for a kitchen sink.

I had originally wanted a stone apron sink but that would require a sink cabinet and tile for a surrounding countertop. Bob secured some quotes for stone for a counter, but at that point, I wanted to find a more expedient and less expensive solution.

I searched salvage sites but couldn’t find any cost-effective old sinks that would fit the space. Then I stumbled upon a site in Florida that sells 1930’s reproduction drainboard sinks. Bob thought that such a sink would work out okay, and that it would allow for some flexibility in the cabinet sizing.

kitchen sink 1

(I’m jumping ahead here by showing the sink already installed. But I forgot to photograph it fresh from the box.)

Here is another view:

kitchen sink 2


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