Art in the wall…

After peeling back the first two layers of wallpaper, we uncovered the base.

rocking chair lamp and rug

Rocking chair, lamp, and rug…

I want to spend a little time with the base layer of wallpaper because it held so much detail in its design. Along the edges of the paper we found what must have been printer marks. I’ve been searching online for designs that resemble these, but I can’t find them so I can’t date them.

It would appear that wallpaper designs were used in America as early as the 1600’s, yet the samples I’ve seen of this are typically ornate French designs, not the simple Americana designs we found.  By its appearance I’m guessing this base layer could date to the late 19th century, but not much later, because the layer above it seemed like it belonged to that period as well.

Along with the man’s profile image-background for this blog, we found several other repeating designs, including this hearth scene:

hearth wallpaper

Fireplace, mantel, andirons, kettle…


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