And now for the daunting discovery…

In an email on December 2, 2014, Bob described what he discovered when he opened the corner wall between the kitchen and the dining room.

He explained that a long time ago, a key post (that is, a structural post) was cut. Truncated. He described it as “comical, really.”

truncated post

(Notice the ruler pointing to the truncated post.)

This was a most daunting discovery.

And we kept wondering why? Why? Why?

But it seemed that all was not lost.

Bob explained that he could repair the post. Not only could he repair it, but he could use local white oak and re-create the missing section of post, in the same style as the original. ( ! )

But first, in order for Bob to be able to place the post he planned to re-create, we would need to remove the mysterious fireplace facade.

mysterious fireplace facade

(A view into the mysterious fireplace facade.)


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