I am a freelance writer; a published poet and novelist, and, yes, even a technical writer.

In September 2014, my husband John and I began restoring a 17th century home in Ipswich, Massachusetts, on a shoestring.


This blog describes our true adventures. What we lack in finances we make up for with artistic sensitivity, perseverance, and blind enthusiasm.


4 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank you, Gordon. We invited you here to talk about all this in May, but we know you’ve been busy. Are you planning to include a link to my blog from your site? Also, did you folks at the Historical Commission get the copy of my memo to Wes Cowan, dated September 23, 2018? Thanks again, Lorraine. (The blog entry about our house on your site really needs to be updated. Quite a bit. Let’s talk about that sometime.)


      1. Hi, sorry I didn’t see your reply. I forgot to check “notify me of new comments” Thanks for the memo. Not much the Historical Commission can do about the traffic but I did mention it at the last meeting. Please send me any information and corrections for the post about your house to historicipswich@gmail.com.


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